Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

Fall 2009



  • Basie: a lightweight software project portal
  • Eclipse4Edu: simplifying the Eclipse IDE for use in introductory programming course
  • ElmCity: aggregating calendar information on the web
  • Ingres: geospatial database extensions
  • MarkUs: an online grading tool for programming assignments
  • RoboCup: soccer-playing robots
  • Thunderbird: downloadable mail client configurations
  • WikiDev: re-imagining software development using wikis
Project Alberta Carleton Laval MSU MUN SFU Sherbrooke UBC UT UVI UVic Waterloo Total
Basie 1 1 2 2 1 7
Eclipse4Edu 1 1 2 1 5
ElmCity 2 3 5
Ingres 2 1 3 6
MarkUs 3 2 2 7
RoboCup 2 2 1 5
Thunderbird 1 1 1 2 5
WikiDev 2 1 2 5
Total 3 1 3 5 1 6 2 1 11 5 1 6 45


Dennis Acosta Carleton Eclipse4Edu
Chani Armitage SFU RoboCup
Holly Becker SFU WikiDev
Scott Bishop MSU Ingres
Evan Bowling MSU Ingres
Eric Burnett Waterloo WikiDev
Jack Carlson MSU ElmCity
Maxime Caron Sherbrooke Eclipse4Edu
Tara Clark Waterloo MarkUs
Sara Danaher UVI Ingres
Louie Dinh UBC Thunderbird
Fernando Garces Waterloo MarkUs
Mélanie Gaudet Laval MarkUs
Severin Gehwolf UT MarkUs
Patrik Gornicz Waterloo RoboCup
Nil Goyette Sherbrooke Eclipse4Edu
Jory Graham UT ElmCity
Kelvin Harry UVI Ingres
Lindauson Hazell UVI Thunderbird
Eric Henry MSU Thunderbird
Ioana Ivan UT RoboCup
Farah Juma UT MarkUs
Bill Konrad UT Basie
Yulia Kotseruba UT RoboCup
Maciej Kozlowski UTM Eclipse4Edu
Simon Lavigne-Giroux Laval MarkUs
Ian Lienert UT Basie
Peter Lorimer Alberta Eclipse4Edu
Owen Matthews Waterloo WikiDev
Josh McCarthy MUN Basie
Dana McDougal UVI Thunderbird
Meghan McNeil MSU ElmCity
Mary Mootoo UVI Ingres
Alex Napitupulu SFU RoboCup
Botlhale Ntsimane UVic WikiDev
Nikita Pchelin UTM ElmCity
John Peters Alberta Basie
Gabriel Roy-Lortie Laval MarkUs
Jay Schmidek Alberta Thunderbird
Andrew Schurman SFU Basie
Diane Tam UT ElmCity
Tony Targonski Waterloo Basie
Edward Tate SFU Basie
Eva Wong UT Ingres
Ning Yang SFU WikiDev

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