Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

Mike Conley

Posted by Mike Conley on 2009/09/03

Mike Conley

Mike Conley

Hi, I’m Mike Conley, and I’m one of the TA’s for this course.  I will be helping Karen Reid manage the MarkUs Project this semester.  I’m a Masters student at the University of Toronto in the Software Engineering group, and I just finished my undergrad at UofT, doubling in Computer Science and Dramatic Arts.

I’ve been working on MarkUs since September, 2008.  I’ve been web programming in one form or another for over a decade, but MarkUs has been my first time working on a fairly sophisticated Ruby on Rails project.

I look forward to meeting some, if not all of you at the Codesprint in late September.  Until then, I’ll be lurking in the IRC channels (primarily #markus on FreeNode) as m_conley.

2 Responses to “Mike Conley”

  1. Ted said

    Mike, is that Florence in the background of the photo?


  2. mikec86 said

    Hey Ted,

    It’s the market square in Wroclaw, Poland. One of the perks of being a drama student is that if you make it to the final year, you get to travel abroad to see theatre. And our year was Poland. 😀



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