Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

Gabriel Roy-Lortie

Posted by Gabriel Roy-Lortie on 2009/09/11

Gabriel Roy-Lortie

Gabriel Roy-Lortie

Gabriel Roy-Lortie is a fourth year student in software engineering at Université Laval who just joined the MarkUs team.

Beside his full-time studies, he’s already had some part-time jobs in the CS field. He used to work for the Factulté de Science et de génie (Sc. and Eng. Faculty) on the design/maintenance/support of courses web sites and other IT-supported teaching material. Main technologies involved included PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript and the CMS Typo3. As of now, He’s continuing to work for his last-summer internship employer, emergency physician/researcher Marcel Émond, building a custom data aquisition/health care support application. Main technologies involved include C#, .NET, Nunit, Nhibernate and so on…

I’m really looking forward to meet you all and i have to say that i’m pretty excited about the challenges ahead : learning Ruby on Rails (it’s always fun to learn new languages), working with a geographically spread team and practice my english to name a few (and why not help others practice their french while we’re at it!)”

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