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I Think A “Yee Hah!” Is In Order

Posted by Greg Wilson on 2009/09/27

We’ve wrapped up our Fall 2009 code sprint, and I think a bit of self-congratulation is in order: things went very well. I’d like to thank all the students for giving three good days, and everyone else who made it possible—in no particular order:

  • Wayne Beaton (Eclipse Foundation)
  • Steven Case (University of the Virgin Islands)
  • Dwight Deugo (Carleton University)
  • Karen Reid (University of Toronto)
  • Andrew Ross (Ingres)
  • Blake Winton (Thunderbird)
  • Rick Yazwinski and Jody Stocks (TUCOWS)
  • Mike Conley, Phil Patchin, Michael Reimer, and Zuzel Vera Pacheco (University of Toronto grad students)

Special thanks to Alan Rosenthal for setting up our computers and networks—everything ran perfectly all weekend long—and to our sponsors: Ingres, the Open Source Lab, Rogers, TUCOWS, and Yahoo!.

One Response to “I Think A “Yee Hah!” Is In Order”

  1. Nikita Pchelin said

    Code sprint was awesome, thanks!

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