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distributed version control

Posted by Eric Henry on 2009/10/08

My team has been using Mercurial as our version control system, and it is definitely pretty cool.

We have run into some interesting “problems” though.  Since the main Thunderbird repository is subversion, and we don’t have commit access, we have to submit patches that are reviewed and then committed.  The real problem comes with branching, merging, and committing.

Long story made short (or the moral of the story) is that newbies shouldn’t push/pull Mercurial repos from each other.  If they do, you end up with a mess that can only be solved by starting a new repo, and making your changes to that…

If you want more details, just post a comment and I’ll hook you up.

3 Responses to “distributed version control”

  1. So, what are the other options? There were a set of changes that you all needed to make to get the system up and running, but you don’t all want to submit those changes.

    If I had commit access, it might have gone a little smoother, because I could have gotten stuff in sooner, but it would still have been a bit of a problem.


  2. onitony said

    But the advantage is that you get to keep those patches in your own local branch. It’s much worse to stay on Subversion and keep a folder of diffs until they are accepted for commit.

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