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Elmcity Status Reports for 2009-10-14

Posted by jorygraham on 2009/10/14

I haven’t heard back from the whole team, but here are the status reports I did receive:



  • Implemented the SQL layer in database.py by…
  • Restructuring and refactoring icsWriter.py and remote.py


  • We don’t have any unit or integration tests, so it’s impossible to be completely reassured with code changes.

Next Steps:

  • Write integration tests for database.py?
  • Write unit tests for remote.py
  • Further restructuring of remote.py



  • Still working on cataloguing what sorts of general patters we should support.  Expect to have results by the end of the week.
  • Setting up Cathy Levinson’s elmcity wordpress plugin (Calendar Display Mechanisms) and investigating how to divide the work between the elmcity service and the plugin.


  • None.

Next Steps:

  • Continue working on the cataloguing of general patterns found within existing FuseCal-parsed pages.  Expect to have results published by the end of the week.
  • Look into how the elmcity wordpress plugin is sourcing JSON and how client-side rendering directly in the elmcity service might be more useful and how it may not be.



  • Wrote remote.py
  • Implemented bad_urls table
  • Wrote up about the project page, with simple instructions on how to use the service
  • Restructured hg repository so that it’s now mirror of our server structure
  • Updated ajax interface & frontend so it doesn’t choke on malformed URLs


  • None

Next Steps:

  • Add filter capability to the service
  • Write-up “how to write a plugin” plugins guidelines
  • Write batch processing module



  • I’m looking into Autopager, a firefox plugin that does a very good job of allowing users to generate rules to select different parts of a page.
  • I’m reading through the source code and sketching out some ideas as to how a plugin generator for us would look, how to make the interface more usable, and what extra features we’d need.


  • Waiting for answer from developer of whether Autopager is free for reuse with modification, or just open source
  • I’m not entirely sure whether this side project is a good use of team resources: Would a complementary generator to Diane’s project be worthwhile?
  • I was trying to wait until I had something more concrete to blog about it, but I could really use some input from the rest of the team

Next Steps:

  • I’ll put together a UCOSP Elmcity ics with the meetings, this weekly post, and other events – if nothing else, it’d help me stay on top of things.
  • I’ll make a blog post about this idea, and solicit opinions from the rest of the group.
  • Search for and blog about the question: what is fair use for open source but not free software? Can I dissect Autopager’s approach in detail, throw away their code, and write from a guideline I got from their source? Can I look through Autopager’s source when I hit a design problem, and implement their solution “in my own words”? Or am I not really allowed to make what would be conceptually a derivitive work if I’ve read their code? I’m sure a lot of people working on UCOSP could help me with this.

One Response to “Elmcity Status Reports for 2009-10-14”

  1. Nikita Pchelin said

    I meant to say: “add filter capability to the service *”

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