Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

Robocup Status Update

Posted by ioanaiv on 2009/10/21


– Tried to tweak to Java client to produce data file for Decision Tree. However, it was cancelled since we might not need it due to Yulia’s work to parse server log file.
– Training a goalie with the human controller to produce a convincing data file.

Next tasks:
– Testing Yulia’s log parser.
– Finding the right parameters to build Decision Tree.

– It is very difficult to get a high-quality of training data for building a good Decision Tree. Training a goalie properly with the human controller is very hard as we can’t move it as fast as we want.


– Finished logparser for .rcg and .rcl log files. Now it extracts all attributes that user wants and dumps them all into .data file that can immediately be used for c4.5
– Made some progress on compiling the human controller

Next Tasks:
-more work on decision trees


Chani and Patrick

– Worked on adding meta-actions: the action class can support multi-tick actions now

Next tasks:
– start implementing some of the actions in the Actions class

– None


– Made some changes to the debug gui
– Looked into the neckrotator algorithm used by the Java client

Next task:
– Start implementing neck rotator
– Look into vison quality mechanism that Chani mentioned


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