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WikiDev Status Reports

Posted by eleni on 2009/10/28



  • Resolved the file permission issue that was encountered when running PHP on a local IIS server
  • Had the first piece of code that could be queried using entity ids to return different XML’s
  • Held an online meeting with the Flash team to give them the first XML deliverable and to continue discussions about the interface
  • Major discussions from the online meeting with the Flash team were that we could include more details in the Object Object
  • Relationships like methods and fields for the objects related to the queried one and ids should be included alongside names of the Objects as names are not unique

Next Steps

  • Modify SQL queries to be able to include Methods and Fields of the Objects related to the queried Object and to include ids alongside names of objects related to the queried object in the XML returned
  • Find a way to give access to the Flash team, the page hosted in my local machine that can be used to query the database for different objects and their relationships
  • Transforming the PHP code to have the methods getClasses() and getClassDetails(), initially designed the PHP code procedurally
  • Write SQL statements to query by pjsnapshotid
  • On verifying the SQL statement results, transform them into PHP to write the results in XML format that can be used by the flash team
  • Resolve any interface issues that might arise when writing code





  • Eric and I have finished the parser and test suite. We will maintain it as necessary, but no new development is happening at this point.
  • I have looked into the SchemaSpy tool (http://schemaspy.sourceforge.net/) and found that it is quite simple to use but requires the Graphviz (http://www.graphviz.org/) program to be installed.


  • I’m not entirely sure how to proceed with switching in to either the front-end or back-end sub-teams.

Next Steps

  • Continue maintaining the parser as necessary
  • Get the SchemaSpy tool working on the server
  • Figure out which sub-team I will switch to
  • Read documentation and become familiar with what the other sub-teams are working on



  • Owen and I are done with the parser for the time being; we will re-visit it as new test files are made and add them to the testsuite, but until we find any bugs it will likely stay as-is.
  • I have drafted the marking scheme for our team – once it has been edited by everyone else and approved by Eleni it will be sent to Greg.
  • We are now moving to work on the front- or back-end of the system.


  • I could always use better information sources to get up to speed on what the rest of the team is doing.

Next Steps

  • Continue working on the parser in maintenance mode.
  • Figure out the details of what the front- and back-end teams are working on.
  • Discuss with Owen which each of us would like to join.
  • Send marking scheme to Greg? Not sure, Eleni may want to do that.



  • Parse the sample XML file to get the information about Class and the relationship
  • Finish the basic rending for one Class, with methods, fields & artifacts (e.g. emails, articles and so on)
  • Clean up the code from previous application (wiki map)


  • Need to find a way to represent the global structure for all the classes
  • Link all the info together to have a top-down view

Next Steps

  • Add the relationship between multiple classes
  • come up with standard URL request to get the real data
  • Integration with the server part

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