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Eclipse4Edu Grading Scheme

Posted by dennisacosta on 2009/10/30

Team component – 45%
– Each member of the team is working on a piece of what we’ve identified to be the minimum feature set for a streamlined Scheme Perspective in Eclipse.
– 25% for the actual deliverables. Based on how much were we able to implement as a team and the quality of our code/product. Each student will receive the same grade. We will attempt the “5-minute screencast on YouTube” if time permits.
– 20% for team participation. Each student will provide Dwight with comments about the working relationship with other members of the team.

Individual component – 35%
– We feel that it is not how much code we are able to commit, but how much effort we put into the project. We struggled with how we could quantify effort, but after great debate, we decide that a written report chronicling our experiences would be a great way to express this.
– 20% for other deliverables: Based on the quality of our code/feature.
– 15% for the written report: Each student will write a report that will summarize their contributions over the term. Problems encountered and how we tried to solve them.

Participation component – 20%
– How active each student was in the open-source and UCOSP communities. This can be measured quantitatively since each student is logging this information and providing it to Dwight in status updates.
– 10% for Eclipse4Edu activity: Mailing list postings, forum postings, bug comments, bug additions, call-ins, virtual meetings, status updates.
– 10% for UCOSP activity: Blog entries, blog comments, code sprint.

8 Responses to “Eclipse4Edu Grading Scheme”

  1. maximecaron2 said

    I would prefer to put more weight on the team participation component. Like the Basie team did “Reviews one other team members’ work each week and constructive participation”

    So i think that team participation should be 20%
    and the written report be 15%.

    I also like the idea of telling what we will do each week instead of by the end of the semester. This way we put ourself shorter deadlines and more realistic goals.

  2. nilgoyette said

    After reading the Basie grading scheme, I’m convinced that we should put more point in the team participation. I agree with the updated marks that Maxime posted earlier.

    As I understand UCOSP, it’s all about participation. For exemple, if I produce absolutly nothing myself and I always help my peers, I think I should have a good mark. Like a leader/team integrator or someone who do unit test, javadoc, code style, etc., he may not produce much, but he still deserves a good mark.

  3. maximecaron2 said

    I juste found something that greg had said in one of his mail.

    “ps : I would be very grateful if one of
    the 10% team deliverables for your project was a 5-minute screencast on YouTube or the like showing off what you’ve done this term.”

    I think it’s a really great idea.

  4. plorimer said

    I am ok with more weight on team participation, and I think that weekly updates are better than at the end of the month. It’s easier to remember what you did in a week over what you did in 2 months.

  5. plorimer said

    Also the video is a great idea. +1

  6. I’ve updated the grading scheme to reflect the comments.

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