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Survey on IDE usage

Posted by maximecaron2 on 2009/10/30

I just compiled the results from the survey i did about Integrated Development Environment for the Eclipse4Edu project.
The survey was first set-up by Dennis Acosta but i did a french version of the form. These results contain only the feedback from Sherbrooke university students for now.

Surprisingly more people use the debugger and refactoring features then i would have thought. Also most people said they would not use their built-in ide tutorials.

I would also appreciate your opinion on all this.

Slide of the Results

2 Responses to “Survey on IDE usage”

  1. Thanks Maxime. I will aggregate the results from both our studies along with a survey that Dwight held last year.

  2. nilgoyette said

    It’s good to see that some people are using revision control software. Even if someone is not in a team, he should use it. I really hope there’s an increasing number of programmers using it.

    This should be taught in class and, afaik, it’s not.

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