Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

Winter 2010 project #8: WikiDev in Wonderland

Posted by eleni on 2009/11/14

The objective of the team project is to develop a 3d visualization in Sun’s Wonderland. The team will be given access to a WikiDev2.0 project with a set of data on multiple versions of a project developed collaboratively by a small team. The WikiDev repository includes data about classes their metrics and the relations among them. The task will be to implement 3D models and appropriate interactions for users to explore the data in WL, using a city metaphor, as discussed in the paper “A 3D Metaphor for Software Production Visualization” – see http://ieeexplore.ieee.org.login.ezproxy.library.ualberta.ca/stamp/stamp.jsp?tp=&arnumber=1217996&isnumber=27378. Note that this paper does not actually talk about real work: they have not done anything, what they show is from a video created in 3DS Max of the ideas they have. This is a piece of work that can definitely lead to a publication!

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