Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

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Posted by onitony on 2009/11/24

ThumbUp: peer reviews. Peer reviews, at least for the Basie team, was certainly a new type of experience in software development. It promoted communication between the team, getting into each other’s code, writing code that is good enough for others to look at, and then still getting feedback on how to improve it. It creates a better “team” feeling, than simply having a group of people commit to the same source code repository.

ThumbDown: peer reviews. As good as they were, peer reviews also left a lot more to be desired. It is certainly a different experience now, than at the beginning of the term when most new members on the project were intimidated to both comment on other people’s code or even have their code be looked at by someone else. I think in the future, it might be a good idea to force the students to break some comfort zones sooner. I would have also liked to see more back&forth discussion of design/performance considerations, rather than one-sided comments on the use of language’s style guidelines.

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