Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

thumbs up, thumbs down

Posted by Chani on 2009/11/25

the good: Working with a good team. We’ve all had those projects where half the team is asleep or incapable of communicating or just doesn’t do their work. This was one of those rare group projects where I got to be in a group of students who *wanted* to be there. it’s something I’m more used to in the free software world but not in school.

the bad: The chaos. Having our team drop to 5 people threw off a lot of the plans we’d made at the sprint. The codebase wasn’t at all what we thought it was, so we spent more time fixing things than writing new things, which threw off the rest of our plans. Our teacher is on sabbatical, so the TA gets all our questions. I’m still not quite sure what we actually accomplished…

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