Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

post mortem a.k.a. cacoethes scribendi ;)

Posted by Nikita Pchelin on 2009/11/28

[disclaimer: my own opinion, others might not think the same]

The good: the course itself, was a great experience. I think the most valuable thing is that it made me see the challenges software teams face in the real world and why those challenges can’t be resolved easily sometimes. In addition, I got a chance to work on a great project, and this is the reason I took this course in the first place.

The bad: I am not happy with the progress of our team. We knew that the problems existed within the team (mostly related to communication), yet somehow, we had some of those problems until the end and could not find an effective solution, which definitely affected the overall performance. To put that on the scale of the course, I believe that we have to learn from this experience and look more into enforcing stricter team /communication policies/ and /ethics/. I don’t know about you, but personally, I am not a fan of unanswered emails, ignored code comments, or other similar things – it’s not natural for a good team to have some members to be more interested in the project than others.

Greg and everyone else who made this course happen – thanks for this great opportunity 🙂

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