Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

post mortem

Posted by Alex(Ning) on 2009/11/29

Thumbs up: first of all, know a lot of new friends:) this is most valuable. Second, learn how to cooperation with each other, even we are far away from each other. We use IRC to hold and log team meeting, wiki page to schedule and record our process, bugzilla to keep track of everything. Those tools contribute a lot to the final success of the project. For the technical aspect, I learn the new language flex and use it to create the UI and animation for the front end.  It’s an amazing tools for data representations and I am so glad that I can apply it to the real work.

Thumbs down: The only problem that I can see is that the open source projects are lack of documentation. We start with thinking and end with coding. But if we do have documents, for one things, we can realize what we are gonna do much faster. For another, if we create documents while developing, it will be much easier for the fellows to improve our work or continue the unfinished parts. Otherwise, they may have to spend some time to understand our code.

Overall, I will rank very high for this projects. We can do something which is meaning for lots of people, instead of coding just for assignments. Lots of useful tools are involved and I can improve my working skills through the whole semester. BTW, I really miss the trip for the Toronto and saw the beautiful city.

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