Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

The good, the bad and the Basie

Posted by ilienert on 2009/11/29

The Good: I learned a lot about web frameworks (specifically, Django) and jQuery applications from Basie. Without having any web development background, the course allowed me to move at my own pace while still absorbing lots of information that I will likely retain for future employment opportunities. Not only that, but the reference gained by doing such a project is certainly one of the best ways to get your foot in the door (here’s looking at you, Greg ;)).  Basie was my first taste of the real world.

The Bad: Code reviews were daunting since team members were focused on very particular aspects of the project.

Judging by factors that extend beyond the mere comparative lengths of the two preceding paragraphs, the good most certainly outweighs the bad. Having a web development course under my belt, I’ve decided to continue experimenting with CSC49X and am now on board for a project with a much different flavour: image recognition. I’m very excited how far-reaching and open-ended these projects can be and hope that more students, as I did, will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to something meaningful in the coming terms.

One Response to “The good, the bad and the Basie”

  1. plorimer said

    Steven,I bet it tasted like chicken. Everything tastes like chicken.

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