Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

Maciej Kozlowski

Posted by kozlowm on 2010/01/03

blogPicHello everyone. My name is Maciej and I’ll be working on Basie this term.

I’m a fourth year computer science student at the University of Toronto specializing in Software Engineering. I haven’t done any internship or co-op jobs but I have worked on many projects, academically and otherwise. These include: developing image differencing software, HCI research for a public washroom locating device, fixing bugs for the JFreeChart project, working on OS161, as well as some embedded systems programming.
On top of this, last term I worked on Eclipse4Edu so I am already quite familiar with the UCOSP experience (feel free to ask me any questions about the project).

Currently, I am working on the monitoring and control software for a solar powered race car that will be competing in the North American Solar Race Challenge.

I will only make it to about half of the code sprint but I look forward to meeting the rest of the team.

One Response to “Maciej Kozlowski”

  1. nilgoyette said

    Nice to see that you made your choice Maciej.

    Good luck on Basie!

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