Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

Bryan Shen

Posted by bryanshen on 2010/01/05

Hello everyone, I’m Bryan Shen, a 5th year CS student from SFU. I’m very glad to have the chance to work with you guys on Markus.

I’ve been enjoying programming ever since the first time I said “hello world” in C. Now my major languages are C-style ones such as Java and C#, and I’m now working with ASP.net web development. I’m eager to learn new technologies, and I believe it’ll be a joy to shift to Ruby on Rails from my past experience.

I think it’s very cool that people from different regions working on the same project can actually deliver a high-quality product. This makes me feel people are brought more closer to each other, and that’s why open-source projects attract me so much.

Can wait to meet everybody on code sprint!

Best wishes!

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