Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

What We Expect From Students This Term

Posted by Greg Wilson on 2010/01/11

Titus Brown has started a wiki page describing what’s expected from the Pony-Build students this term, and I just posted to the Basie blog about what we didn’t finish last term, and need to get done in this one.  In brief, Titus’s points are:

  1. Communicate early and frequently.
  2. Make your work visible (if we can’t see what you’re doing, we can’t help you).
  3. It’s your responsibility to manage your time and make steady progress.
  4. Be friendly.

My points were more project-specific. Our immediate goal is to g et a usable release out the door in time for the Python Conference in mid-February, after which everyone will be free to work on riskier/more speculative things. We’re going to get there as follows:

  1. Every member of the team will post a punchline status report to this blog before they go to sleep on Monday. This post (from the MarkUs team) shows you what we’re after: Status, Next Steps, and Roadblocks, with bullet points for each.
  2. Everyone will read these reports before our online Tuesday meeting so that we can spend our time discussing technical issues.
  3. Everyone will put something up for review each week (even if it’s very small), and do at least one review each week as well.
  4. We’ll refresh the sandbox instance weekly so that we can always see what state the code is actually in (and, just as importantly, make sure that our install and setup instructions are up to date).

What are your project’s goals for the term? And how do you plan to get from here to there?

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