Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

Denis Lila

Posted by Denis on 2010/01/12


My name is Denis. I’m a third year computer science (AI) at the University of Toronto. I will be working with the Mercurial team.

I chose the Mercurial project because I didn’t want to be involved in any academia-related projects, and I wanted to work on something with a large number of users. Also, C and python are my favourite languages, and it is sponsored by Fog Creek Software, which seems like a great company, so it would be nice to get on their good side.

As far as programming experience goes, I don’t have much outside of school related things. Pertaining to school, the best non math course I’ve taken so far is, without a doubt, Operating Systems. Currently, my most interesting courses (other than this) are natural language processing, intro. to AI, and intro. to visual computing.

I’m looking forward to the sprint this weekend.

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