Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

Code Sprint Day 1 &2 : Data Server Flight Simulator

Posted by Michael Man on 2010/01/17

Day 1 (At IBM Canada):


  1. Welcome, Introductions, OSS Development talk, CLA
  2. Introduction to the TE by Peter Kohlmann
  3. IBM DB2, Technology Explorer (TE) & Workload Multiuser Driver (WMD) – setup on your systems
  4. DB2 architecture overview
  5. Walk through – basic tutorial & view creation  – Matthew Vandenbussche


  1. There is a bug in db2 driver on Macbook, 3 of the team members are using Mac and had to switch to Windows/Linux

Day 2: (At University of Toronton)


  1. Code work through – Matthew Vandenbussche
  2. Implementation Q&A
  3. Repository setup
    • https://db2mc.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/db2mc
    • Login with your sourceforge id and password to commit
    • Our mainline code is in UCOSP/mainline
    • Personal workspaces are in UCOSP/individuals/<your first name>
    • Work in your personal workspaces, deliver to mainline periodically (TBD)
  4. communication plan work setup
    • We’re using skype for group chat, everyone is in the same group now
  5. scrum meeting scheduled
    • Weekly meeting with IBM: Tuesday and/or Thursday at 1pm EST(conferencing id TBD)
TODO list for Day 3:
  1. Decide work items to meet first deliverable date
  2. Split the work
  3. Assign task to each individual
  4. Come up with our own version naming
  5. Request hardware resources(a testing server)

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