Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

Code Sprint Summary

Posted by Henry on 2010/01/17

 Get a duplicated copy of GeoTools repository for UCOSP own builds
 Install Geoserver. Do preliminary testing with PostgreSQL w/ PostGIS, feeding to GeoServer
 Continue studying the code and understand how JDBC works to connect to difference databases in GeoTools
 Break down the database connectivity code among developers
 Assign the following tasks
o 2 developers
o 1 tester
o 1 project manager, where half the time is spent on project management, the other half as developer
 Contact Frank W for building Ingres on his server and set up username and password for us. We can then SSH into his server if we need.
 Post a sprint summary for Greg to log down our findings the past few days
 For each of us, log down meeting minutes in our own blog every week for our phone chat with Andrew (?)
 Design Document
Should contain the following:
o List of files needed for GeoTools to run with Ingres
o A class diagram for the Ingres design
o A diagram displaying the architecture of our project
o A test plan that assesses the validity of our code for GeoTools with Ingres
 Create a video showing how Geotools works with Ingres

Methods of Communication
 Google Wave
 IRC Channels: #ingres, #geotools
 Mailing lists: Geotools-devel, IngresGIS
 Conference calling via Asterisk – follow-up with Andrew on instructions to connect

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