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Listing of useful eclipse shortcut keys

Posted by cmatheso on 2010/01/19

Just felt like sticking a list of potentially useful eclipse shortcuts in one place. Feel free to comment and share some of your favorite keyboard shortcuts for eclipse!

So I will start off with a couple that we shared and learned about from the code sprint last weekend:

  • plugin spy – alt + shift + F2             (then click something to ID it)
  • open file by name – ctrl + shift + T
  • delete whole line(s) without selecting all text – ctrl + d
  • comment out whole line(s)  – ctrl + /            (Note: can be used to undo commented line too)
  • Organize imports – ctrl + shift + O
  • Format source code – ctrl + shift + F

One Response to “Listing of useful eclipse shortcut keys”

  1. Pierre LaFayette said

    You could always get http://www.viplugin.com/ for much more powerful text editing 🙂

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