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Data server flight simulator meeting minutes Jan 21

Posted by Michael Man on 2010/01/21


Jan 21, 2010 1pm EST


Michael, Jean , Godfrey, Danie, Sylvain,  Matthew, Paul, Brian



General Update

  • Conference information

Conference ID: 4450146
Local Dial-in number: 416-343-2610
Toll-free Dial-in number: 1 866-251-2605
International Toll-free Dial-in number: 800-4444-9000

  • Road blocker for WMD removed for 3 machines , Ticket 2933844

What we did


  • Getting server setup, Ticket 2935130
  • Setting up Windows 7




  • Working on environment setup, TE is working, working on some DB2 issues, Ticket 2933844
  • Having some db2 maximum connection issues, Ticket to be created


  • Everything is working now, Ticket 2933844
  • Create ticket for next steps


  • Setting up TE, Ticket 2933844

Lenny: absent


  • Everyone please be on time for our meetings, and if you can’t show up or you will be late, please let the rest of the team know
  • Member who cannot get WMD working, please get help from other team members
  • We have decided to put the deliverable dates to Tuesday instead of Friday, that should give us more time to work during the weekends
  • First deliverable is delayed to Feb 2
  • Next team meeting (among team members only) is Feb 1

Next Deliverable:

Feb 2 – Video of a scenario

Feb 5 – Draft version of graphical indicator

2 Responses to “Data server flight simulator meeting minutes Jan 21”

  1. Please, please, please tell me that “WMD” doesn’t mean what I think it means :-).

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