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Adam on Selenium and HTTPS: Don’t

Posted by Greg Wilson on 2010/01/23

Adam Goucher (whom some of you met at the code sprint) has a new post up about the pain of testing with Selenium and HTTPS. I’m sure he’d be happy to answer questions…

2 Responses to “Adam on Selenium and HTTPS: Don’t”

  1. Well, the main idea of the post is more ‘you dont need to use https in most situations but if you do, here is a starter on how to fix it’. Too often people think that because production is a certain way, that test does as well. Test only needs to be like production when the configuration makes a material difference to the testing outcome and in most cases, http vs. https is not one of them.

  2. antonmarkov said

    Fiddler can help decrypt and inspect HTTPS traffic from most applications by implementing a man-in-the-middle attack on the communication channel. However, this would only make your certificate/verification problems worse.

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