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Data server flight simulator meeting minutes Jan 26

Posted by chancancode on 2010/01/26


Jan 26, 2010 1pm EST


Lenny, Jean , Godfrey, Diane, Sylvain,  Matthew, Brian



General Update

  • Conference information

Conference ID: 4450146
Local Dial-in number: 416-343-2610
Toll-free Dial-in number: 1 866-251-2605
International Toll-free Dial-in number: 800-4444-9000

  • Road blocker for WMD removed for 2 additional machines , Ticket 2933844

What we did


  • Getting server setup – currently working with the IBM IT department, Ticket 2935130

Michael (Absent):

  • Closed Ticket  2935214 – screen recording software tested.
  • Working on Ticket 2935220 – investigate what could cause memory problem.


  • Documented Mac / Linux setup on the wiki
  • Worked with other team members to setup their machines
  • Working on recurrsive queries now, Ticket 2939775


  • Got everything working on his mac, Ticket 2933844
  • Documented Mac setup procedure on the wiki
  • Working with Diane to setup her machine
  • Working on his scenriao


  • Explored various system tables (e.g. SYSCAT)
  • Investigating too many users issue
  • Might have to collebrate with Godfrey and Michael for his scenriao
  • Assisted Lenny to setup his machine


  • Setting up her Mac, working with Jean on that
  • Meeting with Lenny tomorrow


  • Got everything working on his machine, Ticket 2933844
  • Explored the TE
  • Meeting up with Diane tommorw


  • Delieverables still on schedule so far
  • Needs data generation kit (resolved)

Next Deliverable:

Feb 2 – Video of a scenario

Feb 5 – Draft version of graphical indicator

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