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All Nighters Lower Your Grades

Posted by Greg Wilson on 2010/01/27

I think every student should read Evan Robinson’s article “Why Crunch Mode Doesn’t Work“. It’s a short, readable summary of research into the effects of sleep deprivation, and very relevant to anyone who’s thinking about staying up until 3:30 a.m. to finish an assignment…

3 Responses to “All Nighters Lower Your Grades”

  1. Robert B said

    And that’s why I get an awesome nights sleep before exams and interviews. I’d much rather be able to derive more from scratch than try and remember stuff from a last ditch effort.

  2. Anton Markov said

    As a bonus, studying within an hour of a good night sleep has been shown to increase information retention to some degree.

  3. […] by Greg Wilson on 2010/02/02 I posted a link last week to Evan Robinson’s article explaining why crunch mode doesn’t work. […]

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