Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

Status Reports: Feb 1, 2010

Posted by Dwight Deugo on 2010/02/03



  • Submitted a patch for Bug 299965 so that projects made outside the Lite perspective will also hide packages (and the source folder).
  • Explored and discussed other possibilities with respect to this bug (hiding all packages versus select ones, and making beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of Java Lite which determine whether or not packages are shown).

Next Steps

  • Try another angle for Bug 299965 based on Wayne’s comments in the conference call and on the bug page. I think possible solutions for this bug need to be explored further to come to a conclusion.


  • None



  • Changed focus slightly and started working on some of the smaller issues. (Converted the wizard action class to use our own file, fixed 3 bugs)
  • Fixed a few more warnings
  • Did a more "user centric" focused usage of the program. Found some new user issues that I will be pointing out shortly.

Next Steps

  • Continue doing small tasks from the bug list.
  • Continue looking into potential user issues.


  • None.



  • Did some more work on the Java class constructor and wizard.
  • Added more checks for the current status of the constructor.
  • Wrote some unit tests for the additional functionality.
  • Added more appropriate message display to the wizard. Now info and warnings can be displayed with appropriate icons and effects on the
    ability to finish the class creation.

Next Steps

  • I’ve been thinking about some possibilities for the class creation wizard and will explore implementing them.
    – Allowing the user to create Java programs (classes with main methods) vs. classes (object oriented programming) I think would be an good thing
    to make easy and clear for students.
    – Maybe even allow creation without using wizards at all in the ‘beginner’ mode.


  • My computer broke. I have to get a new one.
  • Need to learn more about SWT to have better control over the wizard design.

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