Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

Godfrey’s midway update

Posted by chancancode on 2010/02/24

  • We spent the first week or two setting things up and play around with DB2. Getting everything we need up and running was a bit tricky, because some major pieces of our toolkit is still in its infancy. Therefore, I spent quite a lot of time documenting my experience on the developer’s wiki because I believe this would help students that are joining this project in future semesters (as well as our teamates).
  • Once we got everything up and running, the rest is actually easier than I thought. At first we don’t really understand what the project is about (even after the code sprint) so we were kinda paranoid about that. But once we have spent some time playing with our tools, we started to see the bigger picture so everything was much smoother. We don’t feel as lost and starting to feel confident that we can actually deliever something great by the end of the term.
  • Our mentors at IBM are really, really awesome. Even with their busy schedules, they are still very willing to offer us a helping hand whenever we need them (Skype, email, conference calls, etc). This saved us a lot of time. Owe all of them a big thank you.
  • Having two meetings per week is a good way to keep me on track. Communication is really important when working in a distributed team.
  • The first few weeks was mainly individual work so it went quite smooth and efficient.
  • In the last week or two we have gotten to the integration phase so there are a lot of waiting due to component dependency. Could have planned it better before hand so that the transition would be much smoother.
  • Although we have to push back some of our delieverables due to some technical difficulties, I believe we are still doing great. I believe we are all able to see the big picture now and feels pretty comfortable about this project. I think we should be able to produce one or two full tutorial well before the semester ends. We might actually have time to work on a third one. So in that sense, I think we are on track, or maybe even ahead.
  • Once we have finished the current integration, I think we should plan the next few delieverables better so that we can avoid being blocked by another team.

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