Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

So, we still have some time to come up with something working, right?

Posted by Nikita Pchelin on 2010/02/24

We are half-way through the term and I am enjoying working on Basie a lot. I think in our team we didn’t have much time to play around and get used to the project because 0.6 was planned soon. This gave a very energetic push in the beginning of the year, and 0.7 is something that pushes me to try my best and do work in time now, when 0.6 is out. It’s very convenient when you know your tasks and your due dates :]

I spent most of my time before 0.6 fixing lots and lots of issues we had with Basie to make it stable before the release. That helped me to learn the internals of the project faster while also doing useful work. I wrote and iterated over the first several revisions of the tool for Basie that will help to populate a fresh install with random data for demo and testing purposes. My current work includes tackling some core features of Basie.

I feel very much on track personally, mostly by looking at my past experiences with project courses and the general dynamics of my team: everyone is still (midterm time!) very much pokable by email, status reports list real (as oppose to fictitious) items, and reviews on the review board happen regularly 🙂

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