Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

Fatima’s Midway Update (Pony-Build)

Posted by cherkf on 2010/02/28

Few months ago,when I first joined Pony-build, I was excited and eager to learn more about this project in particular and open-source in general. I knew my limited experience might make my progress slower than expected but I was determined to learn more no matter what.
I couldn’t join the UCOSP community for the “Code Sprint” in Canada; however, I started to communicate with the project lead Titus C. Brown and the rest of the group via Skype to make the initial system set ups. I encountered many problems throughout the process, but Titus was always patient and very helpful.
Getting familiar with Git and the already written code  took me more than a while. My first build fully worked after few weeks , but when I have started my second one, it took me few hours to get it build and compile which shows the big progress I’m making.
I have also learned how to ask for help from the rest of the group, who have been ready to lend a hand when needed.
Today, my enthusiasm remains the same and I’m ready to learn more.

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