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Sylvain’s midway update

Posted by sylvainpetitclerc on 2010/03/01

Here is my midterm report for the Data Center Flight Simulator project.

At first we were not sure about what we had to do and what IBM was waiting from us. Fortunately it became clearer by the end of the first week with the help of Matthew, from IBM.

Since the beginning of this project we have mostly investigated how to detect and create saturations from different part of the system using the DB2 database. Our goals was to explore the system tables to get interesting values to monitor those problems. In addition, we were asked to develop dials, graphical indicators, to monitor those value in real time from a centralize dashboard where database administrator can use it to know where the problems come from.

The IBM team has been really great and always ready to help us since the beginning. This as been a good help in our work in that project because, like every other projects, we are short in time to accomplished it. They give us the right information we need to get the things done quickly and correctly.

We are sure to provide something great to IBM by the end of this project. We already have two scenarios in progress and we are in process to polish those two scenarios and create a tutorial on how to create new ones. At first meeting with IBM, we were asking to deliver something 100% complete and not a lot of incomplete stuff. We will look for that for the next few weeks.


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