Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

Status Reports: Mar 8, 2010

Posted by Dwight Deugo on 2010/03/10



  • Submitted a patch for Bug 303426 that fixes the unresolved issues with the previous patch. The package dropdown menu should now list the packages in the currently selected project, and update when a different project is chosen. The patch also makes sure the default package is listed as "(default package)" rather than a blank line.

Next Steps

  • Look into issues with the NewJavaClassConstructor class. Specifically, address Bug 303581 and several of the TODOs and FIXMEs in the code where possible.


  • Class deadlines and more midterms.



  • Did a little bit of work on my DND implementation.
  • I didn’t get a lot of time over the past week to work on eclipse. I’m allocating some more time towards eclipse later this week.

Next Steps

  • Continue work on DND implementation. I need to refactor the code, and fix some more bugs. I hope to post an updated bug patch within the next week.


  • Other classes



  • Refactored sections of the new Class creation wizards and constructors using the extension point for templates as suggested by Wayne. I am making progress on this but doing this correctly and in a way that will be easy to maintain has been time consuming.

Next Steps

  • Figuring out how to simplify the menus and toolbars.
  • Add further functionality to the Class creation constructor and wizards specifically relating to packages.
  • Make is so the Package field in the Class creation wizard is only displayed if there are packages created in the workspace.


  • None.

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