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Pony-Build Spring Break Update

Posted by kshakyaz on 2010/03/13

This Monday instead of our regular conference call over Skype, we decided to not to have a conference call. We did not have much to talk about. So we decided to take a break and just send our weekly updates in the mailing list. Here is the part of the email.


I’ve still been working on the parser for new build scripts, want to do a bit of cleanup on it tomorrow and then try integrating it into the pony-client script itself in the next few days.  What I’ve been working on so far is all checked in under my pony-client_rework branch:


My work is mostly in the added file “clients/testConfigAndBuildParser.py”–those functions form the core of what I’m currently planning on integrating into pony-client.py.  I have two other files added–pony-client.config, which stores default information (such as build servers, etc), and quixote.pb, my test Quixote build script.  quixote.pb is ugly for a reason at the moment, was testing various error conditions, but the gist of it is all there.”


“What I have been working on…..

Been messing around with the timeout stuff, have to test the code now.
See my subprocess branch for the changes I made to _run_command.

“What I want to work on…..”

This week I am going to go back and work on pip failure again, now that you have gone through and refactored a lot of things.
I am all so eying one of the other issues to work on, or maybe I will look over IDEAS/projectlets and see if anything catches my fancy. Will update list next day or so with what I decide.”


“For the build-mock I have made the changes made on mock.py to fix the magicMethod that was failing for me , but was still getting the same error. I then contacted Micheal Foord who explained that test wasn’t fixed and that he will try to include it in the next release of Mock 0.7.0.
On the other hand , I have created a bickbucket account and forked your Pony-build-test-hg repo to start experimenting with branches.
Using non-default branches is not typical as Augie explained earlier , but wanted to experiment with the named branches.”


“I have not much to report because I have not been able to do much since I was/am out of state. But I will be online in skype though. This week I have been working on getting my mechanize package to run. But I trying to fetch Titus’s repo but I am getting the denied permission.Also regarding the nose package, I need fetch some branches which I am trying to fix. Thats it so far.”

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