Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

Status Reports: Mar 15, 2010

Posted by Dwight Deugo on 2010/03/17



  • Reworked the patch for Bug 303426 to fix the problem Wayne noted.
  • I found the solution to Bug 303581 and included it in this patch as the code greatly overlapped and the problems were related. Made note of this in Bug 303581.
  • Started investigating into Bug 303420 (Simplify the user experience when renaming a type from the pop-up menu) to see how this should be done. I have the main outline coded, but I’m still figuring out how to pull in the refactoring functionality to use in conjunction with this code.

Final Steps

  • Finish what I started this week on the class constructor (TODOs and Bug 301326: NewJavaClassConstructor#construct() needs to be more robust).
  • Look into Bug 303420: Simplify the user experience when renaming a type from the pop-up menu.
  • Go back to Bug 299342: "New Java Package" option should automatically create a Java Project, to use the NewJavaProjectConstructor to create the default project.
  • Address Bug 303427: Can’t specify a source folder in the Package Wizard.
  • Complete final report.


  • Last week of midterms.



  • Still quite busy with plenty of other schoolwork. Approaching end of term, and its always hectic.
  • Did get some time last weekend to do some more work on the drag and drop implementation. (See Bug 299878 for more info).
  • I ended up refactoring some code, and made the drag and drop listener implementations a little less "exotic".
  • Will be following this update with a new patch to the bug.

Next Steps

  • Due to code halt within the next 2 weeks, I figure it might be best for me to keep working on the drag and drop implementation.
  • There is still a couple "major" issues to sort out, and I will try and fix those up. Namely, providing the ability to detect if a name conflict exists before attempting the move, and then provide the user the ability to change the file name.
  • Small stuff like – I have a good 6-8 TODOs to fix in the code, and I’m sure wayne will want to add his 2 cents in as well.
  • It would be nice if we got some feedback on all pending patches, so we can make sure they get finished / committed before the end of the course.
  • Complete final report.


  • Other courses.



  • Worked on simplifying the menus using the activities extension.
  • This seems to work quite well but complete control over the menus is still elusive.
  • There are a bunch of things I can remove and a few things that stubbornly won’t go away.

Final Steps

  • Figuring out how to simplify the menus. If this goes smoothly I will try to apply the lessons learned to simplifying the tool bars.
  • Complete final report.


  • Just difficulty figuring out how to get complete control over the UI.

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