Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

Status Reports: Mar 22, 2010

Posted by Dwight Deugo on 2010/03/24



  • Submitted a patch to Bug 301326 to handle the possibility of multiple source folders when creating a new class using the constructor.
  • Reported Bug 306651 and submitted a patch for it that creates a package constructor like those for projects and classes, including tests. It also includes a rework of the Package Creation Wizard to use the constructor, along the lines of the project and class wizards.

Final Steps

  • Look into Bug 303420: Simplify the user experience when renaming a type from the pop-up menu.
  • Go back to Bug 299342: "New Java Package" option should automatically create a Java Project, to use the NewJavaProjectConstructor to create the default project.
  • Address Bug 303427: Can’t specify a source folder in the Package Wizard.
  • Complete final report.


  • None.



  • I continued development on the DND implementation as mentioned last week.
  • I completed some more refactoring and added in some rough name conflict / resolution code. There are still bugs to work out unfortunately.
  • I also investigated into just using existing JDT internal DND implementations, and posted my comments towards that on the current DND bug as well.

Next Steps

  • Possibly more work on DND pending feedback on my latest comments towards the DND bug.
  • Otherwise, I will try and find something thats doable within the next week or so, and work on that instead.
  • Complete final report.


  • Other courses.
  • Waiting on input from Wayne on pending drag and drop changes.



  • Worked on simplifying the menus using the activities extension.
  • Made a couple of breakthroughs on how to figure out what id to use to hide items.

Final Steps

  • Simplify the menus to the list of items I suggested in bug 299848.
  • If this goes smoothly I will try to apply the lessons learned to simplifying the tool bars.
  • Complete final report.


  • There are still a few items that won’t go away as they seem to be ‘special’ to the workbench or something. For example ‘File/Revert’ and
    ‘Edit/Delete’ are 2 of them. But there aren’t that many of them and they aren’t too confusing to the user.

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