Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

Productively Lost

Posted by Greg Wilson on 2010/03/26

From Greg DeKoenigsburg:

We are delighted to announce the release of version 0.8 of our textbook, “Practical Open Source Software Exploration: How to be Productively Lost, the Open Source Way”.

The URL for the wiki release: http://teachingopensource.com/index.php/Textbook_Release_0.8

We are already working on the 0.9 release. The work continues here: http://teachingopensource.com/index.php/Textbook_Roadmap

My heartfelt thanks to my fellow contributors, who helped over the last weeks and months, and especially over the last few days: Karsten Wade, Max Spevack, Chris Tyler, Mel Chua, Jeff Sheltren, and Matt Jadud.

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