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This week in Pony-Build…

Posted by kshakyaz on 2010/03/26

During our last conference call we talked about where everybody was and what problems we were facing. Here are the notes from the last conversation.

pony-build conference call notes / from, mar15, 2010; updated mar 22, 2010;


– build-nose is still in a very old master that is incompatible with mine; could you copy just that file over to a clean checkout of my master, add/commit,

push back to github, and let me know where?

– .pony-build cachedir creation?

– mechanize?



– has been “chipping away at small things”.  working on create_cache_dir, pip failure, letc.

– testing timeouts; switch to using signal.alarm?

http://docs.python.org/library/signal.html <– Rose will look at this

Most signal methods not available under windows. :/ (rose)

– will look at adding failure flag to context, and modifying ‘do’ to be context-failure-aware for e.g. pip




– working with mercurial branches; status update?



– response? status update?  continuing work with pony-client rework, going off Titus’ latest suggestions, continuing work tomorrow


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