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WikiDev Screencast

Posted by omatthews on 2009/12/16

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post mortem

Posted by Sara Rebeca on 2009/11/28

Good: I had a real good experience. It was a challenge still because we have not finished yet, but we learned how to solve problems that can apply to real world challenges in the computer science field. Talking with the Ingres community via email and IRC channel was real helpful.

Bad: We should communicate more often via UCOSP. We all work in separate ways with the Ingress community. We should do a written report every week to reinforce the meetings.

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Another two thumbs

Posted by Eric Burnett on 2009/11/28

Thumbs Up: Getting to work on an exploratory project, and seeing what it ended up becoming. WikiDev didn’t have as defined a goal at the start as most projects, but instead a framework to build on and ideas for where we could take things. After that, it was up to everyone to discuss every week and see where we wanted to go next. This was very enlightening and I enjoyed seeing how the project evolved as pieces were completed and we could see what our ideas were shaping up to look like. I am used to working on projects where the plan is fairly complete and spec’d out before any code is written, so this made for an interesting change of pace.

Thumb Down: Working on an exploratory project, especially for motivation and getting invested. The flip side of the coin is that with a less defined idea and direction, it was sometimes hard to see where each piece would fit into the whole. I always knew what I was working on at any given time, without knowing what was coming next or why it was important, I often had a nagging feeling that what I was working on would end up ignored and unused.

Overall, this was a great experience. The code sprint in Toronto was awesome, it was good to build real things in school for a change, and by the efforts of everyone involved it felt like much more than a simple course. I’d heartily recommend it for anyone else who gets the opportunity.

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WikiDev Post-mortem

Posted by Brendan on 2009/11/26

The good: Quite unequivocally, the students.  Each member of the team was eager to learn whatever new language we threw at them (PHP, SQL, Flex/MXML/ActionScript), research solutions to overcome problems they encountered, and ask for assistance when needed.  With so many variables in this type of distributed course, including the different experiences and skill sets that comes with being from four separate institutions, having a strong team makes quite a difference.  I think choosing students that had taken part in co-op terms played a significant role in this.

The bad: Virtual motivation.  On occasion, tasks that would normally take an hour or two would be left until just before the next weekly meeting, blocking others from building on those tasks in the interim.  This became especially applicable as work from other courses piled up towards the end of the semester and the time available to complete everything became a scarce commodity.  This course, however, provides us with an excellent opportunity to experiment with different communication methods and channels in an attempt to alleviate this problem.  Holding more frequent formal meetings would just add to the time pressures, but more stringent use of the ticketing system to document and assign blocking tasks may be a usable solution.

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Posted by eleni on 2009/11/24

I am impressed with how much was accomplished in the end. I must say that it is not more than I what was planning/hoping for but at the same time, throughout the course, I had this nagging feeling that things will not come together, and, in the end, we wouldn’t have anything “complete” to show for it. Well we do, and that’s great!

In spite of notes and discussions and todos and tickets, we still managed to do a few things multiple times (stepping on each other’s toes).

This was my fist time doing the course as a team lead, maybe next time, it will be even better! And if I had not already decided to do it again, I would decide to do so now.


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November 23 meeting of WikiDev2.0

Posted by eleni on 2009/11/24

We are getting close to the end and during today’s meeting we tried (successfully I think/hope) to specify the last few todos for our team. See http://hypatia.cs.ualberta.ca/ucosp/index.php/UCOSP_IRC:Mon_Nov_23_2009.



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Detailed Update from WikiDev 2.0

Posted by eleni on 2009/11/19



  • Got arrows drawing between the nodes in the graph, not just lines.


  • Arrows draw to the center of the nodes, not the edges

Next Steps

  • Get arrows to draw to node edges
  • Add documentation for the UI



  • Currently working on adding queries to the backend to support the information needs of the frontend.
    • Added support for querying all packages as well as by snapshot ID.
  • Also, working on changes to the parser as needed.
  • My priority this week is 1) documenting recently added queries, and 2) fixing parser bugs recently found.


  • None at the moment.

Next Steps

  • Document new backend queries.
  • Fix parser bugs found by Brendan.
  • Talk to the front-end team to find out what they still need done.




  • No artifact info (still….)

Next Steps

  • adding process bar (necessary if the parsing will take a long time)
  • continue improve the representation of graph



  • Made a few improvements/bug fixes to the tree view in the Object nodes
  • Added custom icons to the tree view
  • Figured out how to put URL links on the graph
  • Started to play around with how to handle many nodes at once
    • Partially implemented one idea


  • none

Next Steps

  • Investigate why the parser is not handling method return types properly
  • Look into the license for Eclipse to see if we can actually use the icons I copied from it
  • Continue working on the graph appearance and the handling of many nodes at once



  • Analyzing the results returned from queries to see if they match what is expected
  • Found issues with the results that were returned by the code and bugs were entered for the issues
  • Modified most of the code as the results did not entirely conform to what is expected
  • Updated team documentation page to indicate the completed and pending tasks and the strategies that were followed or will be followed to resolve the tasks and gave an example of different queries that are accomplished by the code.

Next Steps

  • Design queries to be able to return methods and fields return types
  • Start designing queries to query using the snapshot id
  • Collaborate with the flash team for additional interface resolutions in the next stages of the project
  • Keep updating the team documentation page as tasks get completed
  • keep analyzing returned XML results and possibly find bugs and fix in them


  • Other school projects

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WikiDev2.0 meeting

Posted by eleni on 2009/11/17

The log of Monday’s meeting can be found at http://hypatia.cs.ualberta.ca/ucosp/index.php/UCOSP_IRC:Mon_Nov_16_2009.

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Winter 2010 project #8: WikiDev in Wonderland

Posted by eleni on 2009/11/14

The objective of the team project is to develop a 3d visualization in Sun’s Wonderland. The team will be given access to a WikiDev2.0 project with a set of data on multiple versions of a project developed collaboratively by a small team. The WikiDev repository includes data about classes their metrics and the relations among them. The task will be to implement 3D models and appropriate interactions for users to explore the data in WL, using a city metaphor, as discussed in the paper “A 3D Metaphor for Software Production Visualization” – see http://ieeexplore.ieee.org.login.ezproxy.library.ualberta.ca/stamp/stamp.jsp?tp=&arnumber=1217996&isnumber=27378. Note that this paper does not actually talk about real work: they have not done anything, what they show is from a video created in 3DS Max of the ideas they have. This is a piece of work that can definitely lead to a publication!

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WikiDev 2.0 meeting

Posted by eleni on 2009/11/10

Today’s meeting log can be found at http://hypatia.cs.ualberta.ca/ucosp/index.php/UCOSP_IRC:Mon_Nov_9_2009. It looks like we are getting indeed close to our deliverables! How exciting!

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