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Diane’s Midway Update

Posted by Diane Tam on 2010/03/01

The term started off with an earlier Code Sprint kickoff than last term and this definitely helped get things in motion much quicker and allowed us to address problems much earlier on which I found was most helpful this term as our team ran into a series of dependent environment setup issues that delayed a lot of the work.  The goals and requirements of the project were fairly vague at first, but despite these early setbacks, I found that the team I am working with this term (compared to my last term with UCOSP) is a lot more self-driven and willing to communicate, ask questions, keep each other updated and help each other out.  Combined with our two weekly meetings, everyone’s efforts is a lot more visible and as a result, the progress of the project is easier to track and manage.  However, this is also due to the help we have gotten from our project leads from IBM.  They are always available to answer our questions and help put us in the right direction, thus enhancing our learning experience with the project.

In terms of the progress of the project, we had tentative deadlines set by the team and we have been able to use this to guide us fairly well through the term so far.  We have had to make some adjustments to deadlines here and there because we either underestimated the amount of work or ran into some unforeseen problems but I believe that’s all part of the learning process that goes along with project estimations and actual progress.  From my perspective, we are right on track.  We’ve managed to experiment with some database scenarios and integrate a graphical indicator to help monitor server side activity.  From this point on, progress should be much more fluid as we have a good base to work with now and are able to move on to refining the scenarios and graphical indicators to be more useful to the end user.

In terms of things to improve on from now until the end of the term, as we have experienced in the first part of the term, I believe we need to learn to plan a little better so that we can account for unexpected problems more efficiently, perhaps do a little more research before jumping in and setting hard goals.  Also, despite the fact that there is a lot of communication within the team, there is always the opportunity for miscommunication as well which has occurred in some instance where members ended up doing other member’s work.  With better communication, these problems may be avoided.

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Data Server Flight Simulator meeting minutes for Feb 16, 2010

Posted by sylvainpetitclerc on 2010/02/17


Feb 16, 2010 1pm EST


Lenny,  Diane, Sylvain, Jean, Michael, Matthew



General Update

  • Keep working on tasks
  • Conference information
  • Tuesday: Skype only
  • Thursday: by phone:
  • Conference ID: 4450146
    Local Dial-in number: 416-343-2610
    Toll-free Dial-in number: 1 866-251-2605
    International Toll-free Dial-in number: 800-4444-9000

What we did

Lenny: Closed  Ticket#2949836, creating input definition for the graphical indicator.

Create a input definition file

Diane: working on Ticket#2949863, integrating the graphical indicator in TE.

Jean: working on ticket#2948712 to see if the scenario I created last week is not influenced by any other variables.

Sylvain : working on ticket #2951355 investigate what Peter Prib done on IO monitoring

What’s next:

Diane will continue the coding side for the input integration today

Jean & Sylvain:

– will be working with Sylvain this weekend to continue working on their open tickets

– will prepare the screencast

Matthew: Supposed to have the server ready in a couple of days

Important upcoming deadlines:

Feb 25 – Video of scenario from start to finish with graphical indicators

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Technology Explorer Introduction

Posted by Diane Tam on 2010/01/28

Technology Explorer for IBM DB2 “Flight simulator” Project


Brian Olynyk, team lead of Technology Explorer

Peter Kohlmann, original creator of Technology Explorer

Matthew Vandenbussche, core developer and architect of Technology Explorer

UCOSP Students:

Michael Man SFU <mantong01@gmail.com>

Godfrey Chan SFU <godfreykfc@gmail.com>

Lenny Han Toronto <fallingangeles@gmail.com>

Diane Tam Toronto <diane.tam@gmail.com>

Jean Lalande Laval <jeanlalande@gmail.com>

Sylvain Petitclerc Laval <sylvain.petitclerc@gmail.com>

UCOSP FlightSim Team Blog:


Weekly Team Meetings:

Tues and/or Thurs 1-2pm (EST)

Code Sprint Jan 15-17 Overview:




One of the major long term goals for the Technology Explorer for IBM DB2 has been to provide an environment similar to a flight simulator for Database Administrators.  Pilots used to learn to deal with potentially dangerous and stressful situations in a real place.  This was risky and expensive.  Pilots today learn to deal with system failures and extreme conditions on flight simulators.  DBAs still develop their experience on live multi-million dollar production systems.  They could develop skills and confidence faster and more safely on a simulator.

Over the past few years the Technology Explorer for IBM DB2 team has built all the base components to create this simulator as part of our open source project.  The next step is to pull the pieces together into a viable simulation.  The team will use the existing open source building blocks to simulate a stable production system and then disrupt it with a number of planned or unplanned problems.  The system will then walk the DBA through problem recognition and resolution.

Goals for the project would:

  • Extend the existing framework to simulate database management problems
    • Simulate DB2 in production
    • Create a disruption of the system, for example a hard drive failure, lock contention, or excessive workload
    • Guide a DBA to identification and resolution of the disruption
  • Develop at least one example of a problem simulation


PHP, JavaScript, Prototype js library, AJAX, dynamic web pages, HTTP protocol (the impact of it being a stateless system and what has been done to keep memory between requests on both the client and server sides)

Project managed through SourceForge.net:

Wiki: http://db2mc.sf.net

Development:  https://sourceforge.net/projects/db2mc/develop

Forum: https://sourceforge.net/projects/db2mc/forums/forum/761211

Issue Tracker: https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=211760

Additonal Links:

Steps for adding files(e.g. screencast): https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/sourceforge/wiki/Release%20files%20for%20download

Express-C:  http://www-01.ibm.com/software/data/db2/express/

Source code for ibm_db2:  http://pecl.php.net/package/ibm_db2

Debugging PHP:  PDT2 (Eclipse for PHP) http://www.eclipse.org/pdt/downloads/ and install either XDebug or ZendDebug and configure in Apache and Eclipse.

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Flightsim Meeting Minutes for Jan 19,2010

Posted by Michael Man on 2010/01/19


Michael, Jean, Lenny,  Matthew, Paul,Brian


Godfrey, Danie, Sylvain


Jan 19, 2010, 1pm EST

Minute taker:


General Update

  • Conference information

Conference ID: 4450146
Local Dial-in number: 416-343-2610
Toll-free Dial-in number: 1 866-251-2605
International Toll-free Dial-in number: 800-4444-9000

What we did


  • Talked to Greg, two systems will be sat up for testing purpose. Ticket 2935130
  • Ticket 2935109 closed, Jean can now access the wiki
  • PHP driver issue is being looked at
  • A testing for Windows 7 has been initialized,


  • Tested WMD on windows 7, report added to Ticket 2933844 (can’t paste image on wiki) – done
  • Created a file posting place on SourceForge to place our video files  – done
  • Requested access for wiki – done
  • Requested a category entry for FlightSim – done
  • Contacted SourceForge team about the email problem, they’re working on it



  • Tested WMD on Mac OX, report sent
  • Defect found on db2 driver

Sylvain: absence

Lenny &Danie:

  • Schedule sat, ticket number 2933858, 2933860, 2933861, 2933862, 2933863
  • Looking at the code right now – Ticket 2933858
  • Investigating a indicator model  – Ticket 2933860


  • Jean haven’t picked his selection of scenario in ticket 2933847
  • Everyone please be on time for our meetings, and if you can’t show up or you will be late, please let the rest of the team know
  • Paul will meet each individual to debug the WMD problem
  • We will touch base again on Thursday.

Next Deliverable:

Jan 29 – Video of a scenario

Feb 5 – Draft version of graphical indicator

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Code Sprint Aftermath

Posted by chancancode on 2010/01/18

I’d like to thank Greg, all the mentors/organisers and the nice people from IBM (especially Matthew) for everything they have done for us. They have obviously put lots of effort and their spare time into this and I think we should all give them a big round of aplause.

So.. the code sprint is now officially over.. and here is what I think..

What I liked:

  • Having the chance to meet everyone before we actually start coding turns out to be extremely valuable. It turns out to be a non-trivial task to setup a communication channel that works for everyone in a team consisting of Windows, Linux and Mac users. (We ultimately decided to go for Skype for basic IM/conferencing and DimDim for more sophesicated meetings that involves screen sharing)
  • Matthew and some of this colleagues from IBM started the TE (the basic component of our fligt simulator) as a side project at IBM, so there are practically no documentation available. Therefore meeting with him in person is the single best way to learn about this framework that he built.
  • Toronto is a really cool city (in both senses)
  • Of course, the beds at holiday inn is very nice.

Not so much:

  • John already brought this up in the debreifing meeting – because we were away for the first day, we kinda felt “seperated” with everyone else
  • It is not very clear what this project is about from the description posted online, so the project turned out to be quite different than what everyone have in mind
  • Due to the “hobby” nature of this project, the pieces that we have to build on were not very well tested, and we bumped into a lot of technical difficulties as we were trying to set it up on our own machines. We still do not have a fully working base system by the end of the code sprint, so the development work could be quite challenging

That being said, the sprint was still an awesome experience – we get to meet lots of new people.. had lots of free food.. plus we get a free trip to Toronto! That alone has made taking the course worth while. We have a great team @ flight sim, so I’m sure we’ll deliever some really cool stuff by the end of the semester!

Keep it up guys!

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Day 3: Database Flight Simulator

Posted by Michael Man on 2010/01/17

What we did today:

  1. Assigned work to each team member, following the agile development style, we now have 10 small, measurable tickets here – the goal of this sprint is to deliver 4 scenarios, and piloting graphical indicator for the next sprint. So we will have enough knowledge of the code in the team when the next sprint begins.

We have our first road blocker today – the WMDServer does not work on either of our environments, whether it being Mac, Windows 7 or Windows Vista, and we have decided to work on the following items:

  • Use the wiki here to put as much information as we could regarding the problem, and report it to Matthew before midday Jan 18, EST
  • Push the request for a publish server harder, so when the worst scenario happens, we can rotate the usage of the server to finish our work
TODO items:
  1. Input the information into wiki to remove the blocker asap

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Code Sprint Day 1 &2 : Data Server Flight Simulator

Posted by Michael Man on 2010/01/17

Day 1 (At IBM Canada):


  1. Welcome, Introductions, OSS Development talk, CLA
  2. Introduction to the TE by Peter Kohlmann
  3. IBM DB2, Technology Explorer (TE) & Workload Multiuser Driver (WMD) – setup on your systems
  4. DB2 architecture overview
  5. Walk through – basic tutorial & view creation  – Matthew Vandenbussche


  1. There is a bug in db2 driver on Macbook, 3 of the team members are using Mac and had to switch to Windows/Linux

Day 2: (At University of Toronton)


  1. Code work through – Matthew Vandenbussche
  2. Implementation Q&A
  3. Repository setup
    • https://db2mc.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/db2mc
    • Login with your sourceforge id and password to commit
    • Our mainline code is in UCOSP/mainline
    • Personal workspaces are in UCOSP/individuals/<your first name>
    • Work in your personal workspaces, deliver to mainline periodically (TBD)
  4. communication plan work setup
    • We’re using skype for group chat, everyone is in the same group now
  5. scrum meeting scheduled
    • Weekly meeting with IBM: Tuesday and/or Thursday at 1pm EST(conferencing id TBD)
TODO list for Day 3:
  1. Decide work items to meet first deliverable date
  2. Split the work
  3. Assign task to each individual
  4. Come up with our own version naming
  5. Request hardware resources(a testing server)

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