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Alexandru Totolici

Posted by alexandru on 2009/12/31

Hi, I’m Alexandru Totolici. I hail from UBC, starting the 6th winter term of my Bachelor of Science program (majoring in Computer Science). I’ll be working on Mercurial. alexandru

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great people during co-ops at WebCT (now Blackboard), MDA, Safe Software, and Kodak, as well as during my time with UBC’s Office of Learning Technology. I’ve touched on QA, GUI, server API testing, backend tool development, WordPress and MediaWiki plugin development, and I’ve done it in everything from Bash to C#.

Things I care about:

  • computer security;
  • user experience;
  • omitting needless code;
  • rapid development;
  • making stuff;
  • making stuff better.

Looking forward to the sprint, first round of caffeine is on me!

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Jackie Huynh

Posted by jhuynh64 on 2009/12/31

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jackie Huynh, currently a 4th year B.Sc student majoring in Computer Science (software engineering).  I’ve worked with many different programming languages before, mainly C\C++, Java, Python, and PHP. This coming term, I’ll be working in the Basie Project.

I’m also in the COOP program at UBC. I spent 8 months at HSBC, and another 8 months at Safe Software. I’m really looking forward to this open-source development program, and also meeting with other students from other Universities at the Coding Sprint.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year! See you in 2010!

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Victoria Mui

Posted by victoria on 2009/12/30

My name is Victoria Mui, and I’m a 4th year student currently completing my undergraduate specialist degree in Computer Science (Software Engineering) at the University of Toronto.  This coming spring/winter term, I’ll be working on the user interface design of the MarkUs online marking tool.

I’m primarily a Java programmer, and I’ve made contributions to the Cytoscape open source community through the Google Summer of Code 2008 program under the mentorship of Professor Greg Wilson.  But I also have experience working with other programming languages like Python and C.

In addition to software development,  I also have strong interests in user experience design (UX) and human-computer interaction (HCI).  This past summer, I helped Professor Khai Truong with his HCI research on Upcycling.  And as of May 2009, I’ve been working full-time as a User-Centered Design Specialist at the IBM Toronto Lab.

I hope everybody is enjoying their winter holiday!  Looking forward to meeting everybody in January! 😀

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Running Meetings

Posted by Greg Wilson on 2009/12/30

Want to know how Google runs meetings? It’s one of the half-dozen skills every professional programmer (actually, every professional of any kind) needs to master.

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Cory Matheson

Posted by cmatheso on 2009/12/28

Greetings from Edmonton!

My name is Cory Matheson, and I will be working on the Eclipse4Edu project for the Winter 2010 term. A little about myself:

I’m currently in my 4th year as a Comp Sci student with the University of Alberta. I just finished an 8-month work-term with Research In Motion in Waterloo, Ontario; I worked with the BlackBerry Crypto / Security development team. I had a great time in Waterloo and did some really interesting work at RIM (and I can’t live without a BlackBerry now!). My interests lie in the art of software engineering, maintaining software quality, and of other miscellaneous areas including AI, Cryptography, Security, Networking, etc. etc. I would say I have experience with enough programming languages, and anything I don’t have, can be picked up in a day or 2 :).

I swear by Eclipse for Java programming, so I’m really excited to start contributing to the open source Eclipse4Edu project. It sounds like a great idea for helping new students learn programming.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Toronto for the code sprint!

Cory Matheson.

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Wendy Yang

Posted by q6yang on 2009/12/28

Wendy Yang's Picture

Hi, I’m Wendy Yang. I’m a 4th year Computer Science student in University of Waterloo. I will be working with the Mercurial team next term.
I have software development experience using C, C++, Java, C#, VB through my co-op terms and school projects.  I’m very glad to have the opportunity to work with everyone in UCOSP. I’m looking forward to meet everybody in the code sprint.

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Anthony McCallum

Posted by Anthony on 2009/12/28

Hi, I’m Anthony McCallum.  I’m in my final year of a computer science degree at the University of British Columbia. My language of choice is JAVA, but I also have experience with a variety of other languages.  I will be working on the Ingres project this coming term.  This will be my first opportunity to work on an open source project, and I am excited for the challenge!  I’ve previously done internships with RIM in Ottawa as well as a bioninformatics lab in Singapore.  I am also currently working part time for a UBC affiliated lab.  Looking forward to meeting everyone at the code sprint!

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Alex Le

Posted by lealexx on 2009/12/26

Hi my name is Alex Le, I am a 4 year student at UBC. I am working towards a bachelors in Computer Science and minor in Economics. I have previously worked at Business Objects and Macdonald Detwiller and Associates during Co-op and I am interested in web development.

I am looking forward to working with the Basie Team next semester.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.

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Some notes on “continuous integration”

Posted by Titus Brown on 2009/12/23

Hi all,

a while ago, Greg asked me to post something about why “continuous integration” was important and useful and awesome and absolutely critical and … whatever else.  I finally wrote that up and I am interested in your thoughts.

Note that the pony-build project (available this term!! as a UCOSP project!) is meant to address some of the deficiencies in the current CI options for (especially, but not limited to) Python projects.

Also, if any of the other UCOSP projects are interested in collaborating to get their code building under pony-build, please let us know.  It strikes me as a dandy way to synergize our efforts with a team-directed focus on enterprise approaches.


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Paul Lambert

Posted by paulitex on 2009/12/23

My name is Paul Lambert, I’m from UBC and will be on the Mercurial team.

After graduating with a BA in 2006, I went back to school and started UBC’s Bachelor of Computer Science program in the Fall of 2007. It has been awesome, one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I just finished my degree requirements and am tying it all up by taking two more courses, doing this capstone project, and working on my startup, Matygo.

I’m very excited to be on the Mercurial team. SCM techniques are broadly applicable in many situations including online collaboration, backup, and concurrency (not to mention source control itself), all of which interest me. So I find the particular project to be quite interesting.

I was unfortunately unable to participate in GSOC last summer but UCOSP has presented me with another great opportunity to contribute to an open source project. I am really looking forward to joining the Mercurial community.

Finally, I can’t wait to meet all the other ambitious students and mentors in the program. It’s a real honour to be a part of this. Looking forward to to the coding sprint in January – Happy Holidays!

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